Mena is a single, successful female lawyer, married to her career. She has no social life and spends most nights binge watching full seasons of Orange is the New Black. Her mother is constantly asking when there'll be grandchildren and offers to help "arrange" some dates. They are a modern, Lebanese family, although conservative cultural roots are not completely left behind. Mena has been working so hard she doesn't realize how much time has passed. She has lost something, her spark or light has disappeared somehow. There's a guy at work that she vaguely thinks is attractive, but neither of them really notice each other. All of that is about to change when she sees a sign for belly dance classes: "Reclaim your inner Goddess!!!" it says. On a whim, she signs up. Mena's family never did much belly dancing, even though it's part of their heritage. She finds she is a "natural" and soon her teacher asks her to perform at a local restaurant/club. Mena has serious misgivings: No one in her family would dance like this in public. On one level, belly dancers are considered maybe one step up from prostitutes. And what if they found out at work? But, she's starting to feel something she thought she'd lost forever, reclaiming some piece of herself. Soon, she's dancing regularly at the restaurant. Her co-workers start to notice something different about her: Does she have a new boyfriend maybe? And then, her secret office crush asks her out on a date. He wonders: why haven't I noticed her before? But how long can Mena keep up this double life?

Then fate intervenes: While dancing at the club she manages to single-handedly capture a thief who is trying to make away with gifts from the engagement party at the restaurant. She doesn't realize he's a thief but she grabs him to dance with her, wrapping him up in her veils. He trips on the veil and falls, and then security finally comes to grab him. Of course, people are videotaping and taking photos of the mayhem. The video goes viral on Youtube and there's a full page color photo of Mena belly dancing with the thief in the New York Post. The secret is out. Her family will be shocked and embarrassed. Will she lose her job? Will she have to give up the one thing that has re- connected her to herself?

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